Who We Are

Originally established in Australia in 2002 as Fraser Diving, Shelf Subsea offers a broad range of services to the Offshore, Onshore, Marine and Construction industries throughout Australia and South East Asia. Shelf Subsea is a IMCA, NOPSEMA and DMP accepted Diving Contractor headquartered in Perth, Western Australia with offices located in Singapore, Karratha, Exmouth and Sale (Victoria).

Shelf Subsea has a team of dedicated, professional Project Managers that ensure each project is ‘owned’ and then efficiently planned and safely executed. The Project Management team has recent and relevant experience in importing and operating large construction vessels and self-elevating platforms for a wide variety of complex tasks including topside installations, cable lay, new construction, ROV, Saturation, Air and Nitrox Diving services.

Shelf Subsea have embraced technology in a deliberate effort to ensure our clients have opportunities to realise increased productivity over traditional methods, this includes the SLS rebreather for our Saturation System which provide for longer excursion distances and Nitrox Generating machines for our Air Systems that reduce manning levels offshore and at the same time increase diver safety and in water productivity.

With Shelf owning and operating such a diverse and versatile fleet of shallow draft Dive Support Vessels and complex Saturation and Air/Nitrox Diving Spreads along with Geotechnical Rigs and ROV Systems, we retain the ability to value-add to projects and services at every level.

Commercial Diving

  • 300 metre ABS Class saturation diving system
  • Hyperbaric Rescue Facility, Life Support Package, Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber with A-frame and winch for recovery
  • 50 metre air-diving systems including Zone Rated Air Systems for work in Hazardous Areas
  • Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) WA Safety Case
  • 65 Tonne deck capacity
  • Heavy lift HIAB Crane fitted
  • Nitrox Diving Systems with inbuilt Nitrox generators
  • Portable Dive Systems (Scuba Replacement Pack (SRP) Diving systems or air conditioned 10ft containers)


  • Single Mast Core Drilling Rig (PQ3)
  • Dual Mast Pipeline Stabilisation Rig (Rockbolting)
  • Mechanical Grabs (0.8 and 0.5 cu/mtrs)
  • Diver operated push tubes


  • 1000m Rated
  • Garage System
  • Zone Rated for work in Hazardous Areas


  • 3 x Utility Vessels MV Predator, Talon and Raptor
    • Crew transfer
    • SRP Diving