Our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) management system is designed to define, establish and incorporate HSEQ responsibility and accountability through every level of our organization. We strive to apply open, honest and clear communication throughout the organization to engage our employees in every aspect of safe operations.

Shelf Subsea has in place broad-based teams comprised of all levels of management and offshore employees to provide the right mechanisms to support our efforts. Shelf Subsea’s field execution of our HSEQ system is at the highest standard, resulting from our team commitment to achieve these goals.

Our policies and procedures were developed by management and employees who know first-hand the physical challenges of the offshore work site. Even with vast experience and resolution we are constantly engaged in a company-wide effort to enhance and improve our safety culture so that everyone goes home safely.

Shelf Subsea recognizes the importance of training and competency assurance and has procedures in place to ensure that all employees, contractors and visitors are provided with safety critical training to undertake their assigned duties safely.

Shelf Subsea has an induction program for all personnel, including management, which is based on their likely risk exposure and provides relevant instruction in the organisation’s health and safety policy and procedures. Shelf Subsea consults with employees and clients to identify training needs in relation to performing their work activities safely. Shelf Subsea trains personnel to perform their work safely, and verifies their understanding of that training. Training and assessment is delivered by certified trainers and assessors who hold current qualifications (TAE 40110) and have the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to deliver the training. Training is delivered internally, externally (third party providers) and through the Shelf Subsea e-learning platform.

All diving personnel engaged by Shelf Subsea have completed an industry recognised diving training course such as the ADAS and IMCA Commercial Diving Accreditation courses. Competency Assurance is undertaken in line with IMCA guidelines with each member of the diving team being introduced to the Shelf Subsea Competency Assessment and Assurance Program (CAAPs), upon initial engagement.

HSEQ programs above and beyond the oil and gas industry norms:

Our signed policies can be found here.