Offshore Air/Nitrox System

Shelf Subsea conducts air diving operations in the Asia-Pacific region utilising custom designed IMCA compliant diving spreads. Our diving operations are conducted under our Diving Safety Management System approved by NOPSEMA (Commonwealth) and DMP (West Australia). Shelf Subsea is recognised for class Underwater Inspection in-lieu of Docking inspections by major classing authorities including DNV GL and ABS

Air/ Nitrox System – 20ft Dive Control

  • Fully Air-Conditioned and Insulated Container with offshore lift capability
  • 60” Deck Decompression Chamber (DDC)
  • DMAC 15 Rev3 Medical Kit
  • Air/Nitrox3 Diver Panel
  • Dive Supervisor Work Station
  • “Helically Twisted” Dive Umbilicals
  • Diver’s Video & Comms Unit (Diver Comms, VHF Radios, Dual Digital Video Recording and Hard Drives, Video Overlay)
  • Broco Switch
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10ft SRP Diving System

The Scuba Replacement Pack (SRP) Diving System is IMCA D 040 compliant and permanently housed in an air conditioned, insulated 10ft container complete with dedicated rigging slings for ease of mobilization. Only one cable is required to power-up the system and a 1Kva generator is also provided.

Inside 10ft Diving ContainerThe SRP Dive System is supported by one LP air compressor and only requires 2 additional HP gas packs for quiet and efficient operation of the diving equipment.

Shelf Subsea uses ultra light ‘helically twisted’ dive umbilicals, with both Diver 1 and Diver 2 umbilicals fitted with video cables. A spare video camera and lights are carried as standard, with digital cameras, UT meters and CP meters also available.

This system is ideal for vessels with limited deck space.

  • 2 x Diver Air/Nitrox Panel with offshore lift capability
  • Diving Helmets (2 x 17 & 2x 18’s)
  • 2 x Divers Radio’s & a VHF Radio
  • Mech & Elec Tooling Sets
  • Hat Mounted U/W Video System
  • 3 x ‘Helically Twisted’ Umbilicals
  • 1 x LP Air Compressor
  • RFDS Medical Kit
  • 2 x 50 ltr HP Air Cylinders
  • 2 x Digital Video Recorders
  • Master Gauge/Air Test Kit
  • Video Overlay System
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Dual Stage LARS

Dual Stage LARS
  • Diver Emergency Air/Nitrox Cylinders
  • LARS Control Station
  • Man-Riding Winches
  • Primary Electric Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Standby/Emergency Air Driven Hydraulic Power Pack
  • DNV 2.7-1 Compliant Offshore Lifting Frame
  • IMCA D 023 Compliant
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Portable Nitrox Generating Van

nit full
  • Nuvair LP713 LP Compressor
  • Coltri MCH34 HP 25cfm Compressor
  • CO2 Scrubber
  • Analox G22 O2 Analyzer
  • 18 Nitrox Storage Cylinders
  • HP to LP Distribution Panel
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Hyperbaric Recompression Chamber

The Shelf Subsea Hyperbaric Recompression Chamber is used in support of onshore and nearshore Air and Nitrox diving operations in remote locations.

Housed in an insulated and climate controlled 20ft ISO container, this system is portable and able to be mobilised at short notice.

An LP and HP compressor, and HP Air & Oxygen quads travel with the chamber. All equipment is maintained to IMCA guidelines and Australian AS2299.1 diving standards.

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