Saturation Diving

Shelf Subsea conducts saturation diving operations in the Asia-Pacific region utilising IMCA compliant ABS-classed portable saturation diving systems, and owns and operates a portable Hyperbaric Reception Facility in the region. Our diving operations are conducted under our Diving Safety Management System approved by NOPSEMA (Commonwealth) and DMP (West Australia).

"SAT001" 300 meter 12-man Saturation Diving System

"SAT-1" 300 meter 12-man Saturation Diving System

Services Required
Electric Power – System: 400 to 480v, 50/60 Hz
Emergency Generator: ABS Classed 600 kVA
Compressed Air: Not required
Seawater: 25 gpm
Year Built: 2008
Last Upgrade: 2018
Builder: ARC Controls Inc USA
Class Society: ABS
Testing / Certification Standard IMCA D 018 & D024
Living Chambers
Chamber 1: 17 m3: 4 man living
TUP 1: 7.6 m3: N/A
Chamber 2: 17 m3: 6 man living
TUP 2: 7.6 m3: N/A
Chamber 3: 15 m3 3 man living
HRC: 16.4m3 12 Man Emergency
Hyperbaric Evacuation System
Type: HRC
Launch System: Davit Launch System
Propulsion: N/A
Capacity Men: 12 Man
LSP: Dedicated w/umbilical
Diving Bell
Capacity Men: 3
Diver Lockout Capability: 2
Diver Hat Mounted Camera Sys: 2
Volume: 4.9 m3
Mating to TUP: Side Mating
Main Bell: 330 m
Emergency Bell: 300 m
Lockout Diver 1: 45 m
Lockout Diver 2: 45 m
Bell Man: 55 m
Reclaim System
Type: Divex Gasmiser
Dive Control System: 2 Diver Reclaim
Gas Transfer Pumps: 2 x Corblin
Lifesupport Machinery
Diver Hot water Unit: 2 x UniqueHydra
CMU Units: 3 x AC Controls
1 x Lexmar
Scrubbers: Divex & Lexmar
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300m Rated 12-man Hyperbaric Rescue Facility

HRF Specifications

  • Rated to 300m equivalent pressure
  • 12-man occupancy
  • Top or End Mate
  • Entry Lock with shower and toilet facilities
  • Air cooled condensers for Environmental Control Units
  • Air conditioned HRF Control Container
  • HRF can hook-up to HRC to provide Environmental Control
  • Fitted with a Hot Water System
  • Weight – 34Tonnes
  • Conforms to IMCA guidelines
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SLS rebreathers

Saturation Diving


The Secondary Life Support (SLS) System is an emergency breathing apparatus intended for use by professional saturation divers, operating from a diving bell. The system is intended for use in the event of a fundamental failure of a diver’s primary life support system.

The System operates on a semi-closed circuit principle with complete independence from the diver’s primary breathing system.

The SLS provides a greater endurance that a standard twin bail-out set which is more commonly used in the industry.

Depth SLS Bail-out
50msw 30 mins 17.5 mins
100msw 30 mins 9.5 mins
150msw 28 mins 6.6 mins
200msw 22 mins 5 mins
250msw 19.5 mins 4.0 mins
300msw 17.5 mins 3.4 mins
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Corblin Gas Transfer Pump

Corblin Gas Transfer Pump.jpg

Equipment Specifications

Compressor Diaphragm
Drive Electric
Footprint Standard 10ft ISO Container
Dimensions 2.4m (W) x 3.0m (L) x 1.9m (H)
Power415 volts @ 32 amps5.05m
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Man Riding A-Frame c/w Winch for HRC Recovery

Man Riding A Frame


Max SWL 32te
Class Society ABS
Type Hydraulic Luffing A-Frame
Footprint 8.1m (W) x 7.6m (L) x 6.4m (H)
Head Height 5.05m
Outreach 3.10m


Winch Rating Man-riding (Aust. Standards)
Max SWL 25te
Rope 100m of 48mm plasma rope
Footprint 1.9m (W) x 2.6m (L) x1.9m (H)
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