About Us

Your Leading Independent Subsea Contractor In The Asia-Pacific Region

Founded in 2015 by seasoned industry professionals, Shelf Subsea has rapidly established itself as a leader in offshore contracting. With offices strategically located across Perth (WA), Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sarawak, PNG, India, Brunei, and Saudi Arabia, we are well-positioned to serve our clients' needs globally.Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually expand our service offerings and capabilities. We pride ourselves on delivering world-class assets and resources, ensuring top-tier project execution and adherence to the highest HSEQ standards. At Shelf Subsea, we live by our mission of delivering ‘Commitment Without Compromise’, consistently meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations.

‘Commitment without compromise’

Maintaining our HSEQ standards and reputation is critical to remaining competitive and viable in the industry.

We value our employees’ contribution to our exemplary HSEQ record.

All employees, contractors, and sub-contractors have access to training and instruction to guarantee an inclusive and cohesive workplace. Our workforce is empowered to succeed and determined to uphold our expected standard.

Subsea Operations Conducted to the Highest Standard

Shelf Subsea continues to maintain a reputation for safety and delivery of quality services to the offshore oil and gas industry, renewables, telecoms, and civil sectors. We utilise our unique range of skills, assets, and competencies to create surface and subsea solutions that consistently exceed client expectations.

Our compelling value propositions are underpinned by a performance focused, innovative, agile organisation. Subsea oil and gas projects are multi-disciplinary and complex, demanding the highest levels of HSEQ compliance and operational excellence. Our audited track records show Shelf Subsea meets and exceeds these standards in our core competencies: